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Stock the Right Gear to Prevent Vehicle Fires

HG250r fire extinguishers are top of the line when it comes to quality. They are reliable, portable and can protect both you and your vehicle.

Stock the Right Gear to Prevent Vehicle Fires

In 2008, the National Fire Protection Association reported that, on average, a car catches fire once every two minutes. We all have a certain fear of fire and in the back of our minds we probably suspect that a car fire can happen to us, especially in a car accident whether on road or off. Those odds may or may not increase based on any engine or electrical modifications installed in your vehicle. Nobody plans on having a vehicle catch fire. But it's reassuring to know that if it happens, you will be able to do something other than watch it burn down. Carry a small, portable HG250r fire extinguisher in your vehicle to prepare for any emergency.

Where to start

How do you choose a fire extinguisher from all the makes and models available to you? First, you want to make sure the unit is capable of putting out the fire. Additionally, consider what kind of fire you may face and at what expense you're willing to put out the fire. Some extinguisher types may cause as much damage as they prevent.

Here are some guidelines to follow to search for the best product:

  • Reliability - You want to go with a company that has a reputation of reliability. If the moment of truth occurs, you want the extinguisher to work.
  • Portability - Space is at a premium and you want the unit to be effective, yet as compact as possible.
  • Clean-up - After you've prevented major damage to the engine or interior of your vehicle, you want the clean-up process to be as painless as possible.

HG250r fire extinguisher

H3R Perfomance Inc. offers high-quality, UL-listed fire extinguishers made in the U.S. They offer products for automotive applications and they are the largest supplier of portable, clean-agent extinguishers for aviation applications. H3R is a proud member of the National Hot Rod Association, Specialty Equip Market Association, National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors and the Performance Warehouse Association. These credentials offer a high level of assurance that any product will be reliable.

The HG250r fire extinguisher weighs in at just over 5 lbs. and carries 2.5 lbs. of agent. It stands a mere 14.8 inches tall and is 3 inches wide. They are quality steel cylinders, with all-metal valve construction with aviation-quality mounting brackets. They have black, red and chrome color options to match any interior color scheme.

HalGuard is a fire retardant that is a premium "clean agent." It leaves no messy residue, is EPA approved and is a non-conductive liquefied gas. It won't fry your electronics and it vaporizes almost instantly without leaving behind any lingering clouds of powder or foam.

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