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Finding the Right Hard Top Hoist for Your Jeep

Finding the Right Hard Top Hoist for Your Jeep

Nothing beats the open-air experience you get when you head out in a Jeep on a hot, sunny day. If your Jeep has a hard top, though, getting this open-air experience can be a bit of a challenge, since removing or installing the hard top is often a cumbersome task. A hard top hoist can make it easy to remove your Jeep’s hard top in a matter of minutes, but there are a few things that you need to know before you buy one.


Many companies sell hoists that work for particular vehicle makes and models. In fact, some only work with vehicles made in certain years, so pay attention to this detail. Otherwise, the hoist might not fit your car, which could cause damage if it even works at all.

There are many hoists on the market that are not made for a particular make or model. Instead, they are categorized by the ability to work with one-piece or multi-piece hard tops. If you have a two-piece hard top, a hard top hoist that works with only one-piece hard tops is not safe to use.


All hoists will remove your Jeep’s top within minutes. Some of the steps along the way differ. For example, some hoists are manual, while others are power-actuated. A manual hoist comes with a wire cable that you pull when to remove the top. As you pull down on the cable, the hard top will rise until it meets the ceiling. A power-actuated hard top hoist is slightly easier since you do not have to pull a cable.

Make sure the hoist you are considering is compatible with your garage. Most devices on the market work well with ceilings that are between 7 and 10 ft high. If yours is higher than 10 ft, you may have to find a specialty hoist, since the cables in a standard model are not long enough to safely lift your hard top to the ceiling.


To safely remove a Jeep’s hard top, use a proper hoist. This will prevent the likelihood of injuring your back or extremities. Unassisted hard top removal may also result in damage to the hard top, or to the Jeep, both outcomes preventable with the use of a proper hard top hoist.

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