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Trektop NX Stays Taut With Top Arch Technology

Known as the "bowless top," Bestop's Trektop NX is a unique and innovative soft top from Bestop. Bestop has been in the industry of Jeep accessories for more than five decades. For 20 years, the company has manufactured Jeep tops, including soft tops, hard tops, bikini tops, and other Jeep equipment.

Top arch support

The Trektop NX is equipped with the top arch, Bestop's latest soft-top technology. The top arch minimizes inconvenient fabric flapping, even if you are driving at high speed. Another common problem with typical soft tops is that a puddle of water tends to pool in the center of it after a rain storm. The top arch design minimizes such occurrences. The top arch boasts a wide span that covers both the driver and passenger seats. The top arch can only be used with NX tops, because NX tops are equipped with special tabs designed to fit the top arch.

Race-back design

One of the most noticeable things about the Trektop NX is its unique race-back design. The traditional frames and top bows have been removed from this model; instead, sports bars are used to give the soft top its shape. The race-back look will make your Jeep stand out from other vehicles that have typical designs. The side and rear windows of the Trektop NX are removable, which allows your top to serve as a Safari bikini top.

Superior fabric

Just like the classic Trektop, the Trektop NX is made from superior and durable fabric. The multi-layer fabric of the Trektop NX is mildew-resistant, and equipped with UV inhibitors that can protect you and your passengers from the sun. This feature can be helpful if you regularly go through rough terrain. The fabric of the Trektop NX has the ability to hold its shape in any weather. This means your soft top will look stylish during the summer or winter.

Easy installation

The Trektop NX kit contains everything you need for installation, such as tinted rear and side windows, tailgate bar, door surrounds, and fabric. The tailgate bar of the Trektop NX is designed to let you easily open the tailgate without having to open the rear window. The top also features an array of door styles from which you can choose. The Trektop NX is available for multiple Jeep models, including the Wrangler (1997-2012) and Wranger Unlimited (2004-2012).

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