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Best Cleaners for Your Jeep’s Soft Top

A Jeep is one of the most versatile vehicles available. A Jeep can be used for almost every driving situation, from everyday transportation to off-road adventures. If you're a Jeep owner then you should also know the importance of keeping your vehicle clean. Your Jeep is regularly exposed to the elements, such as dirt, dust, water, snow, and mud. These elements can damage your Jeep’s soft top, as well as its interior cabin. This is why you need a good cleaner, such as a Bestop Jeep canvas cleaner.


Bestop created its cleaning solution specifically for its line of Jeep accessories, including interior and exterior vinyl, soft tops, and other fabrics. Bestop’s cleaning solution removes dirt and most stains, and it won't harm the finish of your vehicle. In fact, the Bestop’s cleaner formula contains anti-oxidants and is bleach-free. The formula also has a low PH balance, which means it won't leave residue on the surface or canvas of your Jeep. The cleaner is also an eco-friendly product, making it the ideal choice for environmentally conscious Jeep owners.

The Bestop Jeep canvas cleaner is not designed for use with vinyl windows. The Bestop product line features a cleaning product that's specifically designed for vinyl parts of your Jeep and accessories, such as your soft top windows. Bestop’s vinyl window cleaner prevents damage from harsh UV rays.


Once you’ve used the cleaner, protect the fabric with Bestop protectant for Jeeps. This protectant can be easily applied to your Jeep's accessories and vinyl parts. The protectant helps your Jeep repel dirt, dust, and debris. The product also prevents mildew. Rain, snow, and constant exposure to heat and sunlight can cause gradual damage to your vehicle. When you apply Bestop protectant, you prevent your soft top from hardening and cracking under the heat.

The next time you plan to clean your Jeep, be sure to try Bestop's complete line of cleaning products. Cleaning your Jeep after a rough expedition can be time-consuming and challenging. When you use a Bestop Jeep canvas cleaner, you can clean your vehicle in a shorter period of time and with less effort.

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