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Top Jeep Accessories for Your Off-Road Vehicle

Whether you plan to completely outfit your Jeep for intense off-roading, or you just want to customize it a little to separate it from the pack, there are many accessory options available in the marketplace. The top Jeep accessories best suited to your vehicle depend on your budget, your intended level of use, and your sense of style. Although there are dozens of categories for Jeep accessories, the top four component categories include suspension kits, wheels and tires, winches, and rollbars. Mix and match parts from any and all categories to outfit your Jeep.

Suspension kits

A suspension kit is crucial if you plan to regularly use your Jeep off-road, or if your Jeep is aging and still laboring under its factory suspension system. Although suspension kits for off-road use are usually more expensive than stock replacement kits, they are tougher and offer better performance for both off-road and everyday driving. Generally, an updated suspension kit will increase the ride height of your Jeep, with lift clearances of up to seven inches. Jeep suspension kits should include all new parts, including front and rear coil or leaf springs, upper and lower control arms, sway bar links, front and rear shocks, and new bushings.

Wheels and tires

A set of wheels and tires increases performance and enhances the visual profile of your vehicle. You can purchase new tires, new wheels or both. Selecting the best wheel and tire set depends on where you want to use the Jeep. For everyday driving, select a great looking set of wheels and pair them with street tires that offer a quiet, comfortable ride. For complete off-roading, select strong alloy rims with tires that have thick knobs along the treads for increased traction.


A winch is an accessory that any Jeep owner should consider, whether you plan to go off-roading or simply drive around the countryside. Although a winch is nearly necessary for off-roaders, the unit comes in handy during regular driving as well. A small winch can clear debris from rural roadways, or help pull stranded motorists out of harm's way. Use a large winch to get around or over off-road obstacles, or tow stranded friends back to camp.


If you plan to go off-roading in rugged, steep terrain, a rollbar is an essential safety accessory for your Jeep. If your Jeep rolls over and you don't have a rollbar installed, the top of the vehicle will likely collapse, possibly injuring everyone inside. Installing a rollbar will prevent such a collapse. Even if you don't plan to go off-roading often, a lifted Jeep with a narrow wheelbase can become top-heavy and flip over in tight turns.

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