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Smittybilt Jeep JK Hard Top (s/b 518701) Review

When you own a high-quality Jeep hard top, you can enjoy your Jeep in even the roughest weather conditions. A Smittybilt Jeep JK hard top (Part No. s/b 518701) is a reliable option for JK owners who enjoy off-roading in wet, muddy, or windy conditions. This top has four advantages over other Jeep hard tops on the market. It’s quiet, well made, feature rich, and easy to install.

Incredibly quiet

Lower-quality Jeep hard tops act like megaphones, amplifying ambient noise and disturbing an otherwise pleasant ride. The s/b 518701 Jeep Wrangler top, on the other hand, is constructed specifically to minimize noise. This objective is addressed in the materials and design of the top. First, the headliner is carpeted to dampen sound. It’s also mildew-resistant and designed to military specifications, so it will last a long time. Secondly, the top has aerodynamic characteristics, which reduce wind noise.

Best quality materials

The s/b 518701 Jeep top is formed around a honeycomb, hand-laid fiberglass structure that provides unmatched rigidity and strength. This structure is treated with the thickest black gel coat available for even more strength, plus UV resistance. Expect this top to resist fading, even if it’s exposed to lots of sunlight.

The s/b 518701 top is then finished as a textured grain, to match the looks of the modern Jeep Wrangler. The windows are made of contoured, DOT-approved safety glass. A 31% tint protects your passengers and your Jeep’s interior from damaging UV rays.

Additional features

Smittybilt designed the s/b 518701 for easy installation. The top comes with a rack-ready mounting system that doesn’t require drilling or modifications to the Jeep. The quick-release hardware lets you install or take off the top with a minimum amount of tools.

The high-quality Smittybilt s/b 518701 has the features you need, plus it’s easy to install. A reliable choice for your Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited, the Smittybilt s/b 518701 delivers a quiet ride, while protecting you from rain and snow.

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