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Three Types of Parts for Your Civilian Jeep Project

Three Types of Parts for Your Civilian Jeep Project

When restoring a civilian Jeep, you may have trouble narrowing down which Jeep CJ parts are the most important to acquire. Since the individual needs of each project vary, there is no definitive group of categories. However, there are three broad types to consider for off-roaders and enthusiasts, assuming that the project already has a functioning drivetrain, a straight frame and a complete body. Tracking down the parts for your project can be time consuming, but factory reproduction manufacturers are filling the void.


Jeep tops come in either hard or soft varieties. A hard top offers complete protection from the elements, but it can be difficult to remove while on the go. A hard top is also prone to cracking during prolonged exposure to harsh conditions. A soft top offers versatility and provides a more wear-resistant material, and most Jeep CJ models were produced with soft tops. If you’re looking for a factory replacement Jeep CJ part, a soft top is your best option, depending on the make and model of the Jeep.

Lift Kits

A modest lift kit increases the profile of your Jeep, and can help you clear obstacles in the road. A higher ride height gives you improved visibility. You can get one of two types of lift kits. A body lift kit raises the body from the frame of the Jeep. A suspension lift kit raises the frame along with the body, giving you improved clearance for off-road driving. Jeep CJ parts for a lift kit include spacers, raised spindles and coils, and raised leaf springs for the front and rear of the vehicle. The installation of a lift kit can be challenging, especially for a novice, but the Jeep manual for your make, model, and year will guide you.

Axle and differential kits

An axle kit provides all of the parts necessary to replace the front and rear axles in your Jeep. This includes replacement axles, pins, bushings, and bearings. Get a factory replacement axle kit, or an upgraded kit that features stronger axles and high-grade hardware. Stronger axles are advised if you plan to use your Jeep CJ off-road. A differential kit includes a rear axle gear and pinion, pins, and hardware for your Jeep’s rear differential. Depending on your intended use for the Jeep, the differential kit you select may have numerically high gears to provide increased torque, such as 4.56, 4.89, or even 5.38 ratios. You can also install a differential kit with numerically lower gears, in a ratio between 2.72 and 3.31, for increased top-end performance and better fuel economy.

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