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Off Road Tires Buyer's Guide

Unsure about what set of tires you want? The good news is that you have plenty of high quality name brand off-road tires to choose from, and variety is the spice of life.

To aid you in your tire purchase, take a sneak peek at Off Road Adventures' exclusive overview and buyer's guide to some of the newest and best off-road tires available.

BFGoodrich All-Terrain Tires

This on and off-road tire has been tried and tested in extreme off-road motor sports for over 30 years, and is available in 12 new sizes. Known for off-road performance and on-road civility, it offers improved stress distribution that can translate to a 12% increase in tread life. High-strength, single-strand bead construction, two full-width steel belts and a 3-ply polyester carcass add strength and durability. The stiffer tread area allows for precise steering and improved handling without sacrificing on road comfort or a quiet ride.

BFGoodrich Krawler Tires

39x13.50R17 is a larger size for this rock-crawling tire, which features large tread blocks that allow additional grooving and customized performance for any application. Its formulated tripolymer tread compound is tuned for exceptional traction and toughness that optimize grip and control, while large, deep lugs provide traction through rocks, mud and dirt. With 4 nylon sidewall plies, a race-spec carcass borrowed from their Championship Off- Road Racing (CORR) series tires and a soft tread compound evolved from years of off-road experience, it quickly conforms to uneven surfaces for extreme traction.

Dick Cepek Radial Crusher Tires

  • Dick Cepek Radial Crusher Tires

This tire offers aggressive off-road traction and excellent handling on the street. It features a unique tread pattern, tough PowerPly™ 3-ply sidewalls, functional skull and cross bone Sidebiters® and fits most trucks, 4X4s or SUVs. Features include advanced radial construction for uniformity and ride; high load ratings for improved towing; self-cleaning high-void tread lugs for traction in mud and snow; deep shoulder lugs for aggressive traction and bold looks; extra wide footprint and non-directional tread pattern with different size lugs for added traction and noise control and a full 6-ply tread for off-road toughness. Outlined white letters available on traditional sizes.

Dick Cepek Radial Mud Country Tires

A tough tire on and off-road. It features the latest radial tire tech including segmented molds for perfect uniformity, PowerPly™ 3-ply sidewalls for puncture resistant off-road driving and excellent towing capabilities. Plus, spiral wound nylon over wraps for high performance handling and a wide footprint for stability and good looks. Additional features: Self-cleaning high-void tread lugs for traction in mud and snow; deep shoulder lugs for aggressive traction; non-uniform tread blocks for better selfcleaning capabilities; and a full 6-ply tread for strength. Outlined white letters are available on traditional sizes.

Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ Tires

These All-Terrain radial light truck tires offer a smooth ride with aggressive looks and functionality. Available in 36 sizes for stock/lifted trucks and SUVs. From 28" to 40" tall and featuring: Variable sized, interlocking tread-lugs for quiet ride and excellent handling; enhanced Sidebiters® for better off-road traction; "stone-kickers" built in between each shoulder lug to disperse rocks and gravel. Their newest construction tech delivers better ride, handling, low road noise, and high mileage. Siped tread-lugs provide excellent all weather driving and SLT sizes feature cut resistant 3-ply sidewalls and a full 6-ply tread for superior strength and toughness for everyday drivers and weekend off-roaders.

Mickey Thompson Baja MTZ Tires

These Mud Terrain radial tires for specialty light and traditionally sized stock and lifted trucks and SUVs, offer aggressive off-road traction and a smooth ride with excellent handling on the road. The tire is available in 24 sizes from 31" to 38" tall, up to 15-1/2 "wide with rim diameters up to 20" to fit most applications. Features include: Advanced construction for uniformity and high mileage; self-cleaning highvoid tread lugs for traction in mud and snow; deep shoulder lugs for aggressive traction; enhanced Sidebiters® for improved off-road traction and protection; siped tread lugs for better grip on smooth surfaces and ice; cut resistant 3-ply sidewalls and a full 6-ply tread for toughness on and off-road.

Pro Comp Xtreme All-Terrain Tires

These are the only directional A/T tires that fit 16, 17, 18, and 20" rims (and just now available 35X12.50R20 and 37X12.50R20). They give you aggressive styling, wet weather traction, incredible off-road capabilities and long life. They are the next generation in tire technology; a tire that’s equally at home on the street and in the dirt with performance, traction, tread wear, load capacity and durability.

Pro Comp X-Terrain Tires

Pro Comp tires with 3-ply sidewalls are load rated to handle all your hauling needs. The "triply" construction provides three full ply sidewalls along with two layers of opposed angle steel belting, combined with a full layer of nylon wrapping that spans the tread area. This unique "six-ply" tread allows for maximum puncture resistance and offers total predictability and flexibility when using lower air pressure off-road. The 3-ply extra thick sidewall treatment helps resist scrapes and cuts and creates a biting edge side wall for increased traction on rocks or mud.

Super Swamper IROK Bias Tires

Many years of experience helped develop a tire with traction in mud, snow and rock climbing. It has a directional tread in their famous 3-stage lug design, scooped lugs, blade and molded siping, special sidewall features, extra tough cord and cut resistant compounds in a super traction package.

Super Swamper TrXus Tires

For those who want a smooth, super quiet ride, this mud-terrain tire offers tough, thick sidewalls with a chip and cut resistant compound. It has more siping than others in its class, which provides traction in icy, snowy conditions. These same traction features make it a serious rock climber.

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