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Jeep Tops – Is a Jeep Soft Top or Hardtop Right for You?

Jeep Tops - Jeep Top

Whether it’s rain or shine, Jeep tops can be an incredible asset to have on deck. In warm, summer months, a Jeep top keeps the blazing sun off your back and provides insulation to keep in the cool air. This insulation works just as well in the winter when you want to stay warm and avoid getting soaked by rain or snow. But there’s a big question you have to answer: should you go with a Jeep Soft Top or hardtop? We’re helping you make that decision by comparing some key features of each type side-by-side.

  1. Convertibility

    Both types of Jeep tops can be removed entirely to revert your Jeep back to its natural state, and both can used to completely cover the Jeep. It’s when you consider the in-between options that you can draw a major distinction between the two. If you choose a two-piece Jeep hardtop, you can completely remove the front half while leaving the back half standing strong. You can even store it in an optional roof rack on the back half of the Jeep top. Or, if you prefer a more conventional option, some Jeep soft tops come with a flip-back sunroof to give you a quick, extra burst of sun and fresh air.

  2. Weather Resistance

    If you live in a fairly temperate climate, you don’t really have to worry about sporadic shifts in the weather from sub-zero temperatures to a month-long heat wave. If this is the case and you just need something to protect your Jeep from some drizzle now and then, you’ll want to go with the Jeep soft top. Because it’s made of fabric, it’s much better-suited for fair-weather environments. If, however, you are surrounded by a steady stream of rain, sleet or snow, you should probably consider a Jeep hardtop. It’s made of thicker, more durable material that will stand up to harsher weather and is heat-sealed to prevent leaks.

  3. Storage

    Are you the type of person who regularly goes camping and brings a whole array of camping equipment with you? Or maybe you’re really into outdoors sports and need to be able to transport bikes or skis on a regular basis. Either way, a Jeep hardtop is going to be the better option for you because you can get the optional roof rack, which will provide extra storage on top of the Jeep top. Plus, it comes with convenient storage pockets on the inside for your day-to-day clutter. However, if you’re a minimalist who believes that less is more, definitely go with a Jeep soft top. These Jeep tops will provide you the basics you need to keep all of your cargo on the inside of the Jeep where it belongs.

  4. Price

    The price is definitely right with Jeep soft tops – you can find them for as low as $200! Of course if you want a few add-ons, it can cost as much as $900. On the other side, because of the higher-quality materials and extra features, Jeep Hard Tops are likely to cost you a few thousand dollars.

  5. Although both types of Jeep tops have their own benefits, hopefully you can now figure out which one is better suited for your lifestyle.

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