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Super Swamper Tires

The looks and performance of any Jeep live and die with the tires. Great paint jobs and fancy hard or soft tops are fine. Ardent off-roaders know, however, that the tires determine the visuals that make the onlookers gawk and the maneuverability to enable the vehicle to swerve, coast, and run roughshod through the treks to the drivers’ and passengers’ satisfaction. For the passionate off-roader, there are Super Swamper Tires and Jeep Tires are on full display at any 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) store across the United States.

There are many great tires of the Super Swamper mode for customers to purchase at 4WD. The standout products for off-road enthusiasts are the TSL Bias Ply, TrXus Mud Terrain, Radial IROK, TrXus STS All Terrain Radial, TSL Radial, TSL Bogger.

  • Bogger TSL Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TSL Bogger

    When it comes to fierce tread designs and driving through the muckiest slime and mud, the Super Swamper TSL Bogger is the tire to get. The Bogger comes with puncture and tear resistant sidewalls. They are street legal and have the ability to trek through mud, snow, rocks, sleet, sand, and any other surfaces imaginable. The TSL bogger is also equipped with the options for the cut, open, and pro stock classes.

  • IROK Bias Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper Bias Ply IROK Tires

    Smooth treks and durability are the results of the tread formations of these tires. This enables the drivers and their passengers to benefit from great traction along the rocks and going up and down tough mountains. Bias Ply IROK tires are outstanding in rock crawling yet also have the ability to slosh through mud, snow, and sand with equal efficiency.

  • IROK Radial Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper Radial IROK

    When making your trek through mud, snow, rocks, or sand, the Super Swamper Radial IROK provides softer-compound construction for better traction without sacrificing toughness. In addition, the intuitive tread model yields less noise on the open road. These tires have the ability to climb the steepest hills and the roughest, toughest mountains.

  • LTB Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper LTB Tires


    When looking for protection against bruising, puncturing, and sidewall splitting, the LTB tires are the best purchase a Jeep owner can make. With its amplified lugs for stronger on- and off-road traction, this product proves to be an even more aggressive bias tire than previous models. Its durability and self-cleaning components are its greatest strengths.

  • Super Swamper M16

    Super Swamper M16 Tires

    Versatility has its virtues and the M16 provides its Jeep enthusiasts with the ability to navigate through the off-road areas while excelling through all terrain ventures. This tire has a formidable design that really makes a serious impact and sets it apart in a crowd. Manufactured by the Interco Tire Corporation, Super Swampers are the result of hard work, creativity, and close to 40 years of experience in tire development.

  • Radial SSR Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper Radial SSR Tires

    These tires offer light truck and sports utility vehicle (SUV) owners a rugged product without having to make adjustments or modifications to their vehicle. SSR tires have the tread pattern to perform at a high level on the off-roads. Simultaneously, these tires perform well on wet or icy treks the driver may encounter.

  • TSL Thornbird Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TSL Thornbird Tires

    Customers are doing themselves a great favor by purchasing TSL Thornbird tires. This is one of the rare products in any arena that combines top-quality performance with style. The ‘bird comes with that imposing presence that is characteristic of the Super Swamper brand and incorporates three-stage center grooves that yield excellent traction on hard surfaces and prominent sidewall grooves that provide additional traction when navigation through snow and mud is necessary.

  • TrXus Mud Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TrXus Mud Terrain

    For customers who want the versatility of driving on the streets and off-road on the most rugged treks, the Super Swamper TrXus Mud Terrain (TXMT) tires offers these options and added features. The TXMT is equipped with V-shaped grooves to hug all surfaces to offer outstanding traction during any navigation. These tires travel well for the driver and any accompanying passengers.

  • TrXus STS All Terrain Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TrXus STS All Terrain Radial

    Going through various sojourns and treks takes a tire with versatility. The TrXus STS All Terrain Radial comes with lateral grooves that enable the vehicle to navigate on any street, through rocks or water, and across sand. This product ranks with any of the top street tires from a standpoint of on-road, street performance.

  • TSL/SX Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TSL/SX Tires

    This is the product you have to have if you have ambitions of taking on the roughest, toughest, most vicious off-road terrain the roads have to put in your way. The TSL/SX product is up to the challenge. With its patented three-stage groove design, drivers and passengers can be confident that these tires will catch in mud, snow, ice, sand, and pretty much every possible negative off-road obstacle imaginable. Additionally, powerful nylon or polyester bias ply bodies and dual belts under the tread give extra toughness and decrease tread wear and tear.

  • TSL Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TSL Bias Ply

    This tire makes the Jeep have a smooth ride and provides top-notch durability. Super Swamper TSL Bias Ply tires can roll through the mud, rock, and slippery slopes with outstanding precision. These are tires that can be installed on the vehicles for some of the most vicious terrain and drivers will still be coming back for more.

  • TSL Radial Super Swamper Tires

    Super Swamper TSL Radial

    These tires provide light trucks with a combination of off-road and on-road street traction. TSL Radial provides sidewall protection with the V-shaped grooves. They give a smooth ride with little noise even at high-octane speeds.