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Rubicon Express Shocks & Steering Stabilizers

Rubicon Express steering dampening and suspension components are designed and created for each specific Jeep application. You can get shocks in a set or individually. Choose from two levels of shock absorbers: twin-tube shocks and mono-tube shocks. If you have large, aftermarket wheels and tires that are causing wheel shimmy and bump steer, get your smooth ride quality back with Rubicon Express steering stabilizers. You can also get Rubicon Express shock mounts, shock conversions, and steering stabilizer brackets.

  • Rubicon Express Extreme Duty Monotube Shocks

    These Rubicon Express Extreme-Duty Shocks provide great features, just without the reservoir. Your shocks will be specifically calibrated and tuned for your Jeep, easily integrating with your Rubicon Express suspension system. This mono-tube design will unlock your Jeep's potential, allowing for superior heat dissipation that will produce reliable performance and prevent fade. Rubicon Express shocks also come with custom valving, a huge, 46mm sintered metal velocity-sensitive piston, polyurethane bushings, nitro-steel piston rods, and powdercoat finish. They're backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Rubicon Express Twin Tube Shocks

    If you want to get maximum control without sacrificing ride quality, Rubicon Express twin tube shocks are the only way to do it. When you're journeying over rough terrain, these shocks will provide the high-speed comfort and stability you need. The shocks are created particularly for your Jeep with 11/16" chrome piston rod, rebound stops, 1.625" diameter piston, silver paint finish, high pressure gas charge, and oversized body for additional fluid capacity.

  • Rubicon Express Shock Sets

    Rubicon Express shock kits are available in both mono-tube and twin-tube shocks, developed specifically for each Jeep model and year. Because of this, you get the maximum amount of control, ride quality, stability, and comfort out of your individual Jeep. Plus, these Rubicon Express shocks will work with Rubicon Express lift kits as well as the majority of other lift kits on the market.

  • Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizers

    To get rid of wheel shimmy and bump steer due to those massive tires and wheels on your Jeep, just install a Rubicon Express steering stabilizer. You will get a smoother ride and minimized wear and tear on the steering components, which supports a longer useful life. You can purchase a protective boot separately.

  • Rubicon Express Steering Stabilizer Brackets

    Create a stable mounting point for your Rubicon Express steering stabilizer with these brackets. Together, they will eliminate wheel shimmy and bump steer, improving the handling of your Jeep.

  • Rubicon Express Shock Conversion Mounts

    When you add these Rubicon Express shock conversions to the factory mounts, you'll be able to adapt and run a large variety of shock mounting options.