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Pro Comp Suspensions

Pro Comp Lift Kits are engineered for excellence in performance, value, and ease of use. The design philosophy at Pro Comp is focused on innovation and improvement, and this attitude produces lift kits and other suspension products that set new standards for the industry.

Pro Comp Complete Suspension Systems

  • Pro Comp Suspension Lift Kits deliver an unmatched value for off-roaders in terms of performance and design. The products are manufactured to exacting specifications using the latest in CAD engineering and precision-cutting technologies. Combine this precision with an engineering team that’s motivated to create new solutions and deliver continual improvements, and you get a line of suspension lift kits that’s unlike any other.

Pro Comp Suspension ES Series Shocks

Off-road enthusiasts prefer Pro Comp ES Series shocks because they provide premium features and tuned valving at an affordable price. Expect them to add a new level of comfort to your ride.

  • The Pro Comp ES1000 is an innovative, twin-tube, straight-can replacement shock that gives you durability, plus comfort and control. Choose the ES1000 when you want a heavy-duty, performance-oriented upgrade from your factory shocks. ES1000 shocks come with durable, poly-vinyl black shock boots that protect the 5/8”, hardened chrome piston rod. Additional features include:

    • Double-welded shock mounts
    • Multi-lip, spring-tensioned rod seal
    • 1 3/8” nylon-banded, full-displacement piston head
    • S-924, high-temperature shock fluid

    Pro Comp ES1000 shocks are guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects.

  • The Pro Comp ES3000 is a performance, twin-tube shock that improves ride comfort and control no matter where you are — on the road and off. The ES3000 accomplishes these improvements through innovative Pro Comp technology and unique design features. The shocks have 10-stage, velocity-sensitive valving, which means they’ll adjust themselves based on how fast you’re driving and what the road conditions are like. Ride comfort and handling are further optimized by the 5/8” hardened chrome piston and Teflon rebound stop. A cellular gas insert keeps aeration and foaming to a minimum, so your shock performance won’t fade when you need it most.

    Pro Comp ES3000 shocks are also among the toughest shock absorbers available. Durability features include a 1 3/8” nylon-banded piston, 5/8” hardened chrome piston, and double-welded shock mounts.

    Like the ES1000, the Pro Comp ES3000 is guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects. Optional shock boots are sold separately.

  • The Pro Comp ES9000 shock absorber is twin-tube, nitrogen-stabilized shock, designed for serious off-roaders. This shock is tough and effective, even in the most demanding driving situations. Expect it to provide a comfortable ride on the highway, plus effortless handling of heavy loads.

    Pro Comp ES9000 shocks feature 10-state, velocity-sensitive valving that makes adjustments on the fly, based on how fast you’re driving and what the road conditions are like. The double-welded shock mounts, 5/8” hardened chrome piston rod, and 1 3/8” nylon-banded, full-displacement contribute to a heavy-duty design that’s ideal for load-carrying applications. Plus, the nitrogen gas technology provides reliable and stable performance, while an expanded design increases fluid capacity by up to 50%.

    Pro Comp ES9000 shock absorbers are guaranteed for life against manufacturer defects. Optional shock boots are sold separately.

Pro Comp Suspension MX Series Shocks

MX Series shocks are available for late-model vehicles, such as the 2005-07 Toyota Tacoma, 2005-07 Ford Super Duty, 2007 GMT900 vehicles, 2006-07 Dodge 1500 4x4, 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser, and the Nissan Titan and Armada. These shocks pair well with a Pro Comp lift kit.

  • The Pro Comp MX6 is a six-way-adjustable, nitrogen-charged shock that’s designed for lifted, high-performance, late-model applications.

    Features include one-piece, billet end adjuster assembly and steel adjuster cam knob, plus a gun-drilled, 14 mm, hardened chrome shaft. The inverted design minimizes unsprung weight and keeps the body protected from unnecessary damage. These shocks are also easy to fit, which makes them a great choice for lifted vehicles.

    Pro Comp MX6R shocks are a step-up from the high-quality MX6 monotube design. Race-inspired features include extra fluid capacity, 2” monotube shock that’s nitrogen-charged to 300 psi, and six-way adjustability. The shock’s one-piece billet end adjuster is easy to use and provides the ultimate in versatility. Just turn the billet piece to adjust your setting and you are ready to go.

    MX6R shocks are also equipped with a 10” anodized aluminum reservoir; a 46 mm, single-piece, banded monotube piston; a gun-drilled, 14 mm hardened chrome shaft; stainless steel hoses; plus an anodized billet cap.

Other Great Pro Comp Products

  • H.I.D. Lights

    Pro Comp produces three styles of motorsports lighting. All three offer the value and cost efficiency you’d expect from Pro Comp.

  • Add-A-Leaf

    Pro Comp Add-A-Leaf

    Choose a Pro Comp Add-a-Leaf kit when you need 1.5-2.5” of lift for your Jeep. The kit strengthens your existing leaf spring pack, so this is a great choice for older vehicles and load-carrying applications.