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Jeep Winches and Jeep Winch Accessories

For Jeep winches, as well as all Jeep parts, 4Wheel Drive Hardware is your source for anything and everything Jeep-related. From the newest high-tech Jeep winches, to a generous inventory of top quality Jeep winch accessories, and even hard-to-find replacement Jeep parts, you're sure to find everything you need at 4Wheel Drive Hardware.

Featured Jeep Parts for Winches:

  • Electric Jeep Winches

    Electric Jeep winches are must-have Jeep parts for any recovery situation. These Jeep winches are the ideal solution for bailing you out of any jam, and with our stock of top name brand gear, you're sure to find the Jeep winch that you need.

  • Hydraulic Jeep Winches

    For added toughness and extended pulling power, Hydraulic Jeep Winches tap into a vehicle’s power steering pump to output pulling power for longer pulls, making these some of the most reliable and efficient Jeep winches available.

  • Industrial Winches

    Industrial Winches offer strength and reliability to handle the most demanding situations, including military and commercial industries. Available in electric and hydraulic models, Industrial Winches deliver when performance is the standard.

  • ATV Winches

    Built with the same quality and reliability as full-sized Jeep winch models, ATV Winches offer raw power, security, and control to handle the most extreme recovery situations, making them must-have Jeep accessories for ATV owners.

  • Utility Winches

    Utility Winches are perfect for construction sites, farms, workshops, or any other application that requires pulling. Designed for no-hassle operation and lasting durability, Utility Winches handle the most difficult jobs with ease.

  • Jeep Winch Mounting Kits

    4Wheel Drive Hardware features Jeep Winch Mounting options that are designed to fit on your Jeep while also delivering enhanced protection and style. Choose from a variety of Jeep winch mounting options from top name brands.

  • Jeep Winch Accessories

    From snatch blocks, and chains, to shackles, tree-savers, synthetic ropes, and more, 4Wheel Drive Hardware has a complete line of Jeep winch accessories to go with your Jeep winch and prepare you for rough spots in rugged terrain.

Jeep Wrangler Winches

Jeep Wrangler winches come in two main types, electric winches and hydraulic winches. Electric winches are more popular among recreational Jeepers, while hydraulic winches tend to be used for industrial applications. The weight of your vehicle, fully loaded, is an important factor when selecting a Jeep Wrangler winch. Generally, a Jeep Wrangler winch should have a load capacity of at least 8,000 lb. You could go with a more powerful winch if you carry heavy equipment and if you play in deep, muddy terrain. Jeep Wrangler winches are available from top-name manufacturers such as Warn Industries, Mile Marker, and Superwinch.

Jeep Wrangler Winches

Jeep winch bumpers have a built-in or bolt-on tray, plate, or mount to hold your winch. There are various options available, including designs from reputable off-road manufacturers such as Warn and ARB. When selecting a Jeep winch bumper, you should consider the strength of the bumper and how it’s designed. If you drive on steep terrain, for example, you should select a Jeep winch bumper that allows for steep approach or departure angles.

Jeep Wrangler Winches

Jeep winch mounts range from mounting plates to portable winch trays to hitch adapters. A winch mounting plate can be vehicle-specific or universal. The latter can be helpful if you intend to fabricate a custom Jeep winch mount. Vehicle-specific Jeep winch mounts generally just bolt on to your winch and your bumper via predrilled holes.

Portable winch trays are handy if you want the flexibility to move your winch from the front to the back of your Jeep. Then there is the hitch adapter. This is the simplest form of Jeep winch mount, as it just slides over your trailer hitch and is secured by a hitch pin.