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Jeep Lift Kits and Shocks

With a massive inventory of Jeep lift kits in a variety of assemblies, we stock everything you need to add those precious inches. Most necessary parts are included in Jeep lift kits, and are typically easy to install. Whether you're an off-road junky, or merely an everyday driver who looking for some lift, we have the Jeep suspension lift kits you need.

  • Jeep Lift Kits and Suspensions

    Jeep Lift Kits and Suspensions

    Do you need more ground clearance, have a need for bigger tires or just want that aggressive look for your Jeep? Jeep lift kits and suspensions allow you to do this. We offer lift kits from the best brands available today like Full Traction, Rubicon Express, Skyjacker, Superlift, Black Diamond, Pro Comp lift kits and our own 4Wheel Drive Hardware kit. We also carry everything for OE replacement suspensions when you just want to fix your worn and sagging Jeep suspension.

  • Bushings & Body Lifts

    Bushings & Body Lifts

    Choose from high-quality polyurethane bushings for some extra cushion between metal parts, or invest in a complete set of spacers for a custom body lift for some additional clearance and room for taller tires.

  • Shocks


    4Wheel Drive Hardware features a wide selection of high performance shocks suited for any situation. Choose from the most trusted brand names and the latest technologies designed to provide a superb ride for harsh conditions, while also delivering long-lasting, problem-free performance.

  • Axle Brackets

    Axle Brackets

    If you've done any wheeling, chances are you may break something on your axle. Our replacement Axle Brackets will get you back on the trail in no time.

  • Steering Stabilizers

    Steering Stabilizers

    Steering Stabilizer kits work with most Jeep lift kits to reduce steering shimmy and driver fatigue to protect front suspension components and reduce tire wear.

  • Suspension Accessories

    Suspension Accessories

    Equip your ride with the very best in components for Jeep lift kits. We have all the top-of-the-line Jeep suspension accessories to help you get the job done right.

Jeep Lift Kits

Jeep lift kits come in various forms: leaf spring lifts, add-a-leafs, shackle lifts, and coil lifts. Each of these has its pros and cons, so the right choice for you really depends on what you want to achieve and how much you can spend. Some Jeepers want a huge lift for the sake of appearance, while others are concerned with off-road driving performance. Jeep lift kits are available for either purpose, and at various budget levels.

When researching lift kits for a Jeep, it’s wise to decide early on what your priorities are. Think about how much you want to give up in on-road performance and who will do the installation work. It’s also important to identify reputable suspension manufacturers. Popular brands of lift kits for a Jeep include Rubicon Express, Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Superlift, Black Diamond, and Full Traction.

Jeep Cherokee Lift Kits

The Jeep Cherokee is a uni-body vehicle, meaning that the body and frame are one and the same. For this reason, you cannot install a body lift on a Cherokee. This isn’t much of a limitation, however, because several manufacturers produce high-quality, suspension lift kits for a Jeep Cherokee.

Depending on the height you want, these Jeep Cherokee lift kits may require fewer adjustments than you’d expect. Lower lifts don’t require many corrections at all. Higher lifts will require some driveshaft adjustments and possibly longer brake lines. If you aren’t sure what to do, limit your options to complete Jeep Cherokee lift kits. These should have all the components you need.

The manufacturers that make lift kits for a Jeep Cherokee include Superlift, Skyjacker, Old Man Emu by ARB, Pro Comp, Full Traction, and Fabtech.

Jeep Wrangler Lift Kits

Jeep Wrangler lift kits are popular and, therefore, widely available. Manufacturers that make lift kits for Jeep Wrangler include Pro Comp, Daystar, Skyjacker, Superlift, Old Man Emu by ARB, Pro Comp, Full Traction, and TeraFlex. Options vary, of course, depending on what type of Wrangler you own. One distinction that makes a difference is whether your Wrangler has leaf springs or coil springs. Coil springs, which appeared in the 1997 model year, allow for larger lifts while maintaining an acceptable level of ride quality.

Complete Jeep Wrangler lift kits will include all of the components you need, with the possible exception of shocks. All lift kits for Jeep Wrangler should specify whether or not they include shocks. You’d choose the “no shock” option if you have a favorite brand or type of shock that you’d like to use with your new suspension.

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits

Suspension lift kits are one of two main types of lift kits on the market today. The other type is a body lift. Body lifts basically add space between the vehicle’s body and the frame. A suspension lift, on the other hand, raises everything — body, frame, engine, and powertrain.

Suspension lift kits generally deliver better off-road driving performance than body lift kits. Jeepers tend to prefer suspension lifts for this reason. A body lift is more economical and looks good, but it’s not the best option for Jeeps that tackle trails and other off-road venues. Also, body lifts aren’t compatible with uni-body vehicles like the Jeep Cherokee. Suspension lifts, in this case, are the only option. Jeep Cherokee suspension lifts are available from Superlift, Skyjacker, Old Man Emu by ARB, Pro Comp, and other reputable manufacturers.

A Jeep Wrangler can be raised with a suspension lift, body lift, or both at the same time. Manufacturers that make Jeep Wrangler suspension lifts include Pro Comp, Daystar, Skyjacker, Superlift, Old Man Emu by ARB, Pro Comp, Full Traction, and TeraFlex. Jeep Wrangler suspension lifts come in various heights, although 3-4” lifts are among the most popular.