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About 4Wheel Drive Hardware

4Wheel Drive Hardware (4WD) is the leading mail order and Internet distributor of Jeep parts and accessories. As a division of Transamerican Auto Parts, 4WD is headquartered in Columbiana, Ohio.

Tom Kennedy, the founder and owner, and a four-wheel drive hobbyist, conceived the idea for his company out of his own need. A friend got him interested in racing and working on Jeeps, and he found himself quickly falling in love with the sport. Tom frequently needed quality replacement Jeep parts that were often hard to find. His search for good suppliers resulted in the idea of providing the same service at a reasonable price to other four-wheel drive acquaintances–and 4WD was born in his two-car garage more than 30 years ago. Tom Kennedy is no longer with us, but his spirit lives on within the company.

In 2006, 4WD was acquired by Transamerican Auto Parts Company, LLC. Transamerican Auto Parts is one of the largest automotive aftermarket parts and accessories companies in the country, and with the addition of 4WD and Performance Products, Transamerican Auto Parts will now be a leader in the automotive aftermarket for Jeeps.

Transamerican Auto Parts operates 55 4 Wheel Parts Performance Centers in 17 states, and is poised to give 4WD the same treatment and take us to the next level.

4WD and Transamerican Auto Parts have prided ourselves in providing innovative and unique parts and accessories to our customers. As a result, 4WD has become the industry leader to Jeep owners around the world.We pledge to you that we will continue to improve on every facet of our business. For our long-term customers, we would like to thank you very much for your business and support. For those of you that have not done business with us yet, we hope you give us a chance to show you why we are the leader in the industry.

In 2002, 4WDH got together with the owner of JeepsUnlimited.com, the world's largest Jeep bulletin board. Ever since we have owned JeepsUnlimited.com, the world’s largest Jeep bulletin board, the site has grown to more than 95,000 members worldwide. If you are looking for a great Jeep community with lots of technical advice and just a bunch of Jeepers helping one another, JeepsUnlimited.com is the place to visit.