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Jeep Air Intakes & Intake Systems

Improve your Jeep's performance and fuel economy with an upgraded air intake system. Our selection includes systems from the top manufacturers in the industry, including K&N, AEM, AIRAID, Edge, Volant, aFe, and others.

Products in this category

  • Air Cleaner Cover

    Adding a custom air cleaner cover to your air cleaner assembly can increase both performance and looks under the hood. Our wide array of air cleaner lids are sure to house a cover that suits your needs.

  • Air Cleaner Flap Check Valve

    Air Cleaner Flap Check Valve

  • Air Cleaner Resonators

    Replacement air cleaner resonators.

  • Air Cleaner Seals

    Replacement Air Horn Seals.

  • Air Filter Monitor

    Keeping an eye on your air filters flow is key to maximizing you vehicles performance and efficiency. Let''s face it none of us change or clean our air filters as often as we should but these air filter monitors will help you with that. You''ll be able to monitor your air filters flow through an easy to read guage and keep your car performing at it''s peak.

  • Jeep Air Cleaner Assemblies

    An air cleaner assembly will increase your Jeep's airflow and enhance the look of your engine compartment.

  • Jeep Air Cleaner Brackets

    Air Cleaner Bracket

  • Jeep Air Cleaner Intake Hoses

    Replacement air cleaner intake hose.

  • Jeep Air Cleaner Mounting Nuts

    These air cleaner mounting nuts work great in holding down your air cleaner lid while adding style and character.

  • Jeep Air Cleaner Tubes

    Air Cleaner Tube

  • Jeep Air Filter Cleaner And Degreasers

    These air filter cleaners and degreasers help you safely remove grime from your custom air filter. The spray-and-rinse application makes it easy and convenient to clean your air filter.

  • Jeep Air Filter Wraps

    An air filter wrap supports the filtration work of your air filter, keeping more particles out of your engine. These are particularly handy in off-road situations. An added benefit is that they provide extra styling under the hood.

  • Jeep Air Filters

    Want to increase the performance of your Jeep? An aftermarket Jeep air filter is one of the quickest and easiest ways to increase horsepower and fuel performance. Plus, since you can wash them and reuse it, this will be the last air filter you ever buy.

  • Jeep Air Intake Kits

    These top-name air intake systems increase your horsepower, improve your fuel economy, and give you better, all-around performance.

  • Jeep Air Intake Scoops

    An air intake scoop gives you more performance, plus an aggressive, performance-oriented look.

  • Jeep Air Intake Tube Kits

    Improve the performance of your Jeep without breaking the bank. The AIRAID Jr. is an economical, entry-level intake solution.

  • Jeep Air Snorkel Pre-Cleaners

    Prevent dirt and other debris from clogging up your snorkel with these special pre-filters.

  • Jeep Air Snorkels

    An air snorkel delivers clean and dry air to your engine by raising the air intake point. Keep your engine healthy and clean with an air snorkel.

  • Jeep Throttle Body Spacers

    Get more horsepower fast, with a throttle body spacer made of aircraft-quality billet aluminum. This is an easy-to-install upgrade.