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Jeep Axle Replacement Parts

If you need replacement parts for your stock axles, we have what you are looking for.

Products in this category

  • Differential Tools

    These Bearing puller''s are designed specifically for differential work. These profeshional grade tools make pulling bearings easier and faster while reducing the risk of damaging the bearing.

  • Jeep Axle Ball Joints

    Replace your tired ball joints and keep your vehicle properly aligned. Our selection includes the top manufacturers.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Parts

    Use axle disconnect parts to disengage your front axle to improve drivability.

  • Jeep Axle Housings

    Our selection of axle housings include replacement housings and upgraded housings.

  • Jeep Axle King Pin Parts

    Keep your king pin axle in tip-top shape with these tough-to-find specialty parts.

  • Jeep Axle Upgrade Kits

    Strengthen your stock axle with one of these axle upgrade kits. The kits address the typical weak spots; they upgrade the axle to larger splines and use more durable materials to minimize breakage.

  • Jeep Carrier Cross Shafts

    Our selection of carrier cross shafts gives you a wide range of choice when it's time to replace or upgrade your carrier cross shaft.

  • Jeep Differential Bearing Kits

    These heavy duty Differential Carrier Bearing Kits are available when you are simply replacing a differential carrier when complete rebuild is not necessary.

  • Jeep Differential Covers

    These aluminum differential covers add extra protection to your Jeep's underside.

  • Jeep Differential Crush Sleeves

    Differential crush sleeves keep your pinion bearings from being preloaded too tightly. They also can keep your pinion nut from loosening up.

  • Jeep Differential Gaskets

    Don't bother with messy silicone. Our selection of differential cover gaskets includes the most popular applications.

  • Jeep Differential Guards

    Differential guards provide added protection, right where you need it. These guards are made of steel. For most applications, they simply bolt on.

  • Jeep Differential Parts Kits

    These differential parts kits contain the internal components needed to rebuild or repair an open or limited slip differential.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Bearing Baffles and Axle Slingers

    Jeep differential pinion bearing will assist in controlling the oil within the differential housings.

  • Jeep Differential Switches And Shifters

    Get the replacement parts you need for your selectable locker, right here. Our selection includes switches, cables, and shifters from your favorite manufacturers.

  • Jeep Differentials

    Our selection of Jeep differentials can give you the traction performance you want, or supply you with the replacement products you need. Choose from lockers, open differentials, and limited slips. Our in-stock selection of performance differentials is among the largest in the marketplace.

  • Jeep Front Axle U-Joints

    When it's time to replace or upgrade your worn-out or missing axle U joints, we have the parts you need. Choose from a new stock set or splurge on a set of specialty U joints from the top brand names in the industry.

  • Jeep Hub Conversions

    Add stability and strength to your axles by replacing your front axle hubs with locking units. These locking hub conversion kits with replaceable wheel bearings help you get the job done.

  • Jeep Hub Drive Flanges

    Use these hub drive flanges to keep your Jeep in 4-wheel-drive at all times. No more locking and unlocking those hubs!

  • Jeep Inner Axle Seals

    Use these inner axle seals on the inside of your front axle assembly. They'll keep differential oil from getting into your open axle tubes.

  • Jeep Locking Differential Clutch Packs

    By replacing your locking differential's clutch pack, you can get like-new performance from your old limited slip.

  • Jeep Locking Hub Service Kits

    Don't waste your time at the auto parts store. These kits have the washers, bolts, and O-rings you need to service your locking hubs.

  • Jeep Locking Hub Spindle Nuts

    You need locking hub spindle nuts when you're installing new locking hubs or rebuilding old ones. These kits contain everything you need for easy installation.

  • Jeep Locking Hubs

    These locking hub kits have all the parts you need to convert to locking hubs or to replace your factory hubs.

  • Jeep Outer Axle Tube Seals

    Tube seals are a great way to prevent muck and derbies from working their way down your axle tubes and damaging your inner axle seals. Choose from the top manufactured in the industry.

  • Jeep Replacement Axle Shafts

    We have the axle shaft you need, whether you're looking for a replacement or an upgrade. Our selection includes stock replacement shafts as well as premium chrome alloy axles.

  • Jeep Ring and Pinion Installation Kits

    Use these ring and pinion installation kits to rebuild your axle. No matter what level of rebuild you are doing, from minimal to total overhaul, we have a kit that can help.

  • Jeep Ring and Pinions

    Lifting your Jeep and installing larger tires can negatively impact your performance. Correct that problem and regain your lost power with a quality ring and pinion gear set from the most reputable brands in the industry.

  • Jeep Spindle Seals

    Sealing your inner spindle bearings keeps debris and moisture out, minimizing stub axle and bearing damage.

  • Jeep Spindle Studs

    On most early-model, four-wheel drive vehicles, spindle studs retain the axle spindle to the steering knuckle.

  • Jeep Wheel Bearings

    Wheel bearings are difficult to find in auto parts stores, particularly when you need one in an emergency. We have the bearing kits you need. Keep one in your toolbox for those unexpected issues on the trail.

  • Live Axle Spindles

    Looking for spindles for your custom axle build or in need of a replacement we have you covered with these top quality spindles.

  • Locking Hub O-Ring

    Locking Hub O-Ring

  • Ring Gear Bolt Strap

    Ring Gear Bolt Strap