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Recovery for Jeep

From time to time even a Jeep can get stuck. Make sure you stock up on the necessary items to get you unstuck when the time comes!

Products in this category

  • ATV & UTV Winch Replacement Parts

    When ordering Warn ATV & UTV Winch Replacement Parts, you'll need to know the model number, battery voltage and serial number for your winch. On planetary gear models the serial number can be found on the gear end housing.

  • Hydraulic Winch Hose

    These hose kits are designed to allow you to install your Hydraulic Winch with out hunting for fitting and hoses.

  • Jeep D-Ring Isolators

    These polyurethane D-ring isolators by Daystar snap into place on any standard 3/4" shackle. You can also remove them quickly. The polyurethane isolates the shackle so that it doesn't make contact with your bumper or other recovery point while you are driving. Keep your bumper free from D-ring scratches!

  • Jeep D-Ring Shackles

    Connect the loose ends of your straps, cables, and snatch blocks using a clevis D-shackle. A threaded pin makes removal easy.

  • Jeep Industrial Wire Rope Tension Kits

    Make your winching operations safer with a WARN Wire Rope Tension Kit. The kit keeps your wire rope from getting knotted up when you're freespooling. It also helps you spool your rope more easily. Installation is quick and easy.

  • Jeep Snatch Blocks

    A snatch block is a must-have if you plan to do any recovery winching. Use it to double the pulling capacity of your winch or to manage angled-line pulls.

  • Jeep Winch Accessory Cases

    Keep all your winch accessories organized in one heavy-duty case.

  • Jeep Winch Accessory Kits

    These winch accessory kits contain all the winch accessories you need in one convenient and portable package.

  • Jeep Winch Anchors

    Winch Anchor for Jeeps

  • Jeep Winch Cable and Synthetic Ropes

    If your winch is worn or frayed, it's unsafe to use. Replace it with one of these cables from the manufacturer.

  • Jeep Winch Cable Breakage Dampers

    A winch cable breakage damper substantially improves the safety of your winching operations by minimizing recoil, should your winch line fail. Keep yourself and others safe with a winch cable breakage damper.

  • Jeep Winch Controllers

    When it's time to replace or upgrade the remote on your winch, we have you covered.

  • Jeep Winch Covers

    A winch cover keeps your winch protected from rain, water, and dirt. Choose from nylon-backed vinyl covers or hard plastic covers.

  • Jeep Winch Fairlead Adapters

    A winch fairlead adapter reduces the size of the fairlead opening.

  • Jeep Winch Fairleads

    A new or upgrade fairlead reduces strain and wear on your winch cable. Our selection includes roller and hawse fairleads.

  • Jeep Winch Hook And Hardware Kits

    These hook and hardware kits include WARN clevis-style safety hooks (5/16" or 3/8"), a strap, and mounting hook.

  • Jeep Winch Hook Pull Handles

    Handle your winch cable with a winch hook handle.

  • Jeep Winch Safety Thimbles

    Use a safety thimble to make your winching jobs safer and easier. This thimble is compatible with all winch cables sized from 5/16" to 3/8", and the center hole fits common D-rings. Also, the thimble will not pull through the fairlead as a flat hook might.

  • Jeep Winch Wire Harnesses

    These winch wire harnesses have the parts you need to make the job of installing and wiring your winch easy.

  • Remote Switch

    The latest Winch Remotes feature LED indicators, operator feedback, and more for safer and more convenient winching.

  • Winch Cable Stop

    Winch Cable Stop

  • Winch Hydraulic Fittings

    Check out our line of replacement hydraulic valves and adapter kits when hooking up a new winch or repairing an old one.

  • Winch Lock

    Protect your investment with a winch lock.

  • Winch Repair Parts

    This is a collection of miscellaneous winch parts that can be used to fix or repair your winch.

  • Winch Rope Roller

    Winch Rope Roller

  • Winch Switches

    Use these rotary dial switches to keep your winch functioning properly.