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Premium Recovery Strap

Warn | Part Number: WAR29898
  • Technical Details

    • 2" x 30' (5cm x 9m) premium recovery strap
    • Rated to 14,400lbs/8165kgs.
    • Features a 18"/457mm Cordura®
    • nylon sliding sleeve

Use a recovery strap to snatch or pull out a stuck vehicle. Nylon webbing absorbs the shock of heavy pulls, while elastic rebound energy aids in quick recovery. Constructed of tough, high quality nylon web encasing a red warning marker to indicate damaged webbing. End loops are reinforced with abrasion-resistant Cordura® wear pads. Note: You should never use a recovery strap in a winching operation. For winching operations use a tree trunk protector strap or chocker chain.

Features:[*]2 x 30' (5cm x 9m) premium recovery strap.[*]Rated to 21,600lbs/9797kgs.[*]Features a 18/457mm Cordura® nylon sliding sleeve to help prevent excessive wear caused by exposure to sharp objects.

Width - In InchesLength - In FeetColor
1-1/4 to 2"30White

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