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Jeep Off-Road Jacks & Accessories

An off-road jack is necessary for any off-road trip, helping with tire changes and repairs. Our inventory includes the off-road jacks and accessories you need to get through any roadside emergency situation.

Products in this category

  • Jeep 4X4 Jack Mount Kits

    Store your Hi-Lift Jack securely and out of the way with one of these mount kits. The kits feature a lockable bracket for the ultimate in security.

  • Jeep D-Ring Brackets

    Don’t worry about drilling or welding to mount a D-ring. These trick little brackets will let you mount a D-Ring to your Jeep without having to do any of that.

  • Jeep Receiver Hitch D-Ring Mounts

    Recover your stuck vehicle with these convenient D-ring ball mounts that can be easily attached.

  • Jeep Receiver Mounted Tow Hooks

    A receiver-mounted tow hook is a functional addition to your recovery gear set. Use it to attach a trailer that has a tow eye in a recovery situation.

  • Jeep Snatch Straps

    In certain recovery situations, a recovery strap isn't going to be strong enough. That's when you need a snatch block strap.

  • Jeep Tow Hooks

    Tow Hooks for Jeep

  • Jeep Tow Straps

    Tow Straps for Jeeps

  • Jeep Traction Pads

    When the weather is bad or the terrain is loose, you need a traction pad.

  • Jeep Trail Jack Accessoriess

    Get more function from your Hi-Lift Jack with the right accessories. Our selection includes bases, covers, protectors, repair kits, accessory kits, and more.

  • Jeep Trail Jack Locks

    Lock your trail jack to your jack mount with these trail jack locks.

  • Jeep Trail Jacks

    Jacks like these can be used for many purposes besides just changing a tire. These jacks are a must for those who own lifted vehicles.

  • Jeep Tree Trunk Protectors

    Tree Trunk Protector for Jeep

  • Receiver Shackle

    Receiver shackles are crucial if you plan on doing any type of vehicle recovery operation. You can slip these shackles into a 2x2 receiver and then attach your tow strap.

  • Trail Jack Storage

    Trail Jack Storage