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Spare Tire Covers - Jeep Tire Covers - Ptid: Charcoal Jeep

One of the most overlooked accessories on your Jeep is the spare tire cover. This accessory comes in hard metal, soft leather, or vinyl. It protects your Jeep’s “Ace in the Hole.” Although you may never use your spare tire, the cover helps keep the cosmetic aspect of the Jeep and its replacement part looking good.

One of the key responsibilities of the spare tire cover is to preserve your spare from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Without a cover, your tire can shrivel and crack. This may lead to it being ineffective when it comes time to put it on in an emergency. Sun-dried tires practically crumble to pieces as the Jeep rolld down the road.

Another benefit of having a spare tire cover is it keeps your spare tire clean. A clean tire functions at a much more efficient level than a tire left to the elements. Ultimately, your Jeep will provide a more comfortable ride. Some may want a hard cover. Some may choose a vinyl cover. Others may pick leather. Jeep, Smittybilt, and Bestop offer an extensive selection at our store.