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General Wheel Accessories for Jeep

It's common to overlook small but vital parts for your Jeep project, including lugs, valve stems, and wheel caps.

Products in this category

  • Jeep Bead Locks

    Keep your tire sealed to the wheel with bead locks. Choose from internal style (wild), ring style (street), and screw-in style (extreme).

  • Jeep Tire Deflators

    These tire deflators make it easy to air down your tires for the trail. Simply screw the tire deflator onto your tire and let it do its job.

  • Jeep Tire Pressure Sensors

    Tire Pressure Sensor

  • Jeep Tire Repair Kits

    You never know when you'll need to repair a tire. Keep one of these repair kits in your Jeep so you're always prepared.

  • Jeep Tire Valve Deflators

    These specialty tire valve deflators will make your life easier when it comes to airing down your tires. Choose from fully automatic to manual styles.

  • Jeep Valve Stem Caps

    Valve stem caps prevent air leaks and keep your valve stems clear of debris.

  • Jeep Valve Stems

    Add a little extra styling to your Jeep with custom valve stems and stem caps. These are ideal for Jeep owners who need a little more than great-looking wheels.

  • Jeep Wheel Lug Nuts

    If you are swapping out your wheels for new alloy rims, you'll need new hardware. Try these complete sets of chrome lug nuts to keep your new wheels in place.

  • Jeep Wheel Spacers

    Wheel spacers allow you to achieve the proper tire clearance for those oversized tires. Choose from various options so you can safely install those big tires.

  • Jeep Wheel Trim Rings

    Give your Jeep's wheels a racy, beadlock look with these wheel trim rings. They're available in a variety of colors.

  • Lug Wrench

    Lug Wrench for all wheel and tire needs

  • Spare Tire Carrier Lock

    Spare Tire Carrier Lock

  • Spare Tire Covers - Jeep Tire Covers

    One of the most overlooked accessories on your Jeep is the spare tire cover. This accessory comes in hard metal, soft leather, or vinyl. It protects your Jeep’s “Ace in the Hole.” Although you may never use your spare tire, the cover helps keep the cosmetic aspect of the Jeep and its replacement part looking good.

    One of the key responsibilities of the spare tire cover is to preserve your spare from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Without a cover, your tire can shrivel and crack. This may lead to it being ineffective when it comes time to put it on in an emergency. Sun-dried tires practically crumble to pieces as the Jeep rolld down the road.

    Another benefit of having a spare tire cover is it keeps your spare tire clean. A clean tire functions at a much more efficient level than a tire left to the elements. Ultimately, your Jeep will provide a more comfortable ride. Some may want a hard cover. Some may choose a vinyl cover. Others may pick leather. Jeep, Smittybilt, and Bestop offer an extensive selection at our store.

  • Tire Air Chuck

    Used for inflating tires

  • Tire Pressure Monitor Sensors

    Today's late model car and trucks require the use of Tire Air Pressure Monitors. We stock a complete line of replacement Monitors for most Domestic and Imported cars and trucks.

  • Wheel Center Cap

    Give your wheels a finished look by installing a set of center caps to hide your center hub.