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Jeep wheels meld form and function in a way that gives Jeep owners plenty of options to express their own distinctive style. Whether you’re going for a polished look or an aggressive, hard-hitting one, wheels are one of the first things people notice about your Jeep. Choosing the right style of rims depends on your vehicle, the terrain you’re taking on, your budget, and your personal taste. Off-roaders can choose steel wheels or aluminum rims that offer a lightweight, more refined look favored by strictly on-road drivers. Aluminum wheels feature a flexibility that makes them hip and stylish, but they aren’t as durable and carry a heftier price tag than steel wheels. Steel rims are heavier, more uniform, durable, and generally the cheaper choice. Aluminum and steel wheels differ in bolt pattern (or lug pattern). Another factor to weigh in when you’re choosing wheels is your location and how the weather will affect the wheel with rust, corrosion and road conditions such as potholes.

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