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Power Hoist-A-Top Hardtop Removal System

Lange Originals | Part Number: LAN014-389
  • Technical Details

    • Fits 1976 to 2006 Wrangler and CJ
    • Power system
    • Works with one-piece hardtops
    • Easily removes hardtop in minutes
    • Recommended for ceilings 7-36ft
    • Also can be used as a storage system

Removal and storage can now be a one-person proposition. Rigid construction with a powerful safety feature lifting device, your top will be supported on a well-balanced steel frame. Rubber coated hooks protect the finish. The Hoist-A-Top includes a hoist/puller, mounting brackets and hardware. The Power Hoist-A-Top does all of the work for you! The hardtop remover, winch, mounting bracket and remote control install conveniently in your garage. *Will not work on 2-piece hardtops.

Hoist-a-Top is a complete turnkey system. Installation is simple and our custom systems come complete with excellent installation instructions. No more pulled muscles, strained backs, dropped or damaged tops, or pinched fingers. Best of all, you don't have to find a group of people to help every time.

Hoist-a-Top uses an incredibly strong steel frame that quickly attaches to your top. There is nothing to drill or attach to your top. A specially designed cable pulling mechanism then lifts your top to the ceiling in your garage or carport for convenient, out-of-the-way storage. It takes only about three minutes to remove your top, by yourself. Replacing it is just as easy. With a working range of from 7 to 10 feet, Hoist-a-Top handles top removal and storage in most garages.

Installation instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files.
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