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Jeep Batteries & Accessories

4Wheel Drive Hardware has the parts to complete your Jeep's battery upgrade. If you need a stock replacement for the road, or an upgraded system for off-road equipment, get the parts you need all in one place.

Products in this category

  • Battery Cable

    Ensure that your battery is working at its full potential with battery cables made only from the highest quality components.

  • Battery Terminal Cover

    Protect your battery terminals from accidental shorts and corrosion with these protective Battery Terminal Covers.

  • Battery Tester

    Make sure your battery is up for the challenge with your own battery tester.

  • Circuit Breaker

    Prevent electrical disasters caused by circuit overloads, install one of these Circuit Breakers to keep you going.

  • Electrical Connector

    Use these Electrical Connectors to give your wiring project a water proof disconnect point like the factory.

  • Firewall Grommet

    Firewall Grommet

  • Jeep Batteries

    Your stock battery may be in need of an upgrade if you do a lot of off-roading. Our selection of high-performance batteries are made to be stronger and more durable, so they can handle the stresses of off-road driving. Full sealing combined with gel cell technology also make these batteries versatile with respect to mounting. They're perfect for custom applications.

  • Jeep Battery Chargers

    Don't worry about a drained battery when you're out in the middle of nowhere. Carry your own battery charger so you're always ready to go.

  • Jeep Battery Disconnects

    You can use a power interrupt kit as a theft-prevention tool or to keep your battery from draining down unnecessarily.

  • Jeep Battery Hold Downs

    Don't let your battery bounce around when you're out on the trail. These rugged battery hold-downs will keep your battery in place in almost any condition.

  • Jeep Battery Trays

    These battery trays help you mount your battery safely and appropriately.

  • Jeep Dual Battery Isolators

    A battery isolator can effectively split the power distribution between your Jeep's main battery and auxiliary batteries.

  • Jeep Fuse Blocks

    The fuse block is the place to begin when starting a new wiring project.

  • Jeep Fuses

    Fuses, fuse holders and fuse boxes to suit a variety of applications.

  • Jeep Quick Connect Booster Assemblies

    These premium jumper cables can recharge your battery fast and get you back on the road.