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Heavy-duty DVD Dual Output Charger

Deltran Battery Tender | Part Number: DBT021-1158-12
  • Deltran Battery Tender Part 021-1158-12 - Heavy-duty DVD Dual Output Charger - 4 Wheel Drive
Part Number: DBT021-1158-12
  • Technical Details

    • DVD-40 Modified
    • 12V-12V Dual 12V @ 20A
    • Charges two 100% discharged Deep Cycle (Group 27) batteries in four to five hours
    • Charges four batteries in eight to nine hours
    • 2-year warranty

The DVD-40 Modified 12V-12V is a Heavy Duty Portable Charger with dual independent 12 volt outputs that can deliver a full 20 Amps simultaneously. This product charges a lead acid battery as fast as is chemically and electrically possible without causing any damage. It is perfect for both flooded cells and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) sealed batteries. (Note: Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipment of this unit).


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