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Jeep Body Lifts & Bushings

If you need to customize a body lift for additional clearance, use one of our spacer sets, or add extra cushioning between components with a set of high-quality polyurethane bushings.

Products in this category

  • Ball Joint Dust Boot

    Tie rods and ball joints are important components in the overall suspension equation, yet they are supplied with inferior rubber dust boots that deteriorate and tear over time. Replacing them with Polyurethane dust boots will increase the durability and longevity of these important suspension components.

  • Body Mount Bushing Hardware

    Body Mount Bushing Hardware

  • Crossmember Mount Bushing

    Crossmember Mount Bushing

  • Jeep Body Lift Gap Guards

    You need a body lift gap guard to close the gap in the fender wells that's created when you install a body lift. Restore the finished, factory look to your Jeep.

  • Jeep Body Lift Kits

    Raise your Jeep, and create room for larger tires, the cost-effective way, with a body lift kit.

  • Jeep Body Mount Kits

    These body mount kits contain urethane body bushings. Replace your stock rubber bushings with these to minimize body roll and improve handling.

  • Jeep Control Arm Bushing Kits

    Control Arm Bushing Kit for Jeep

  • Jeep Leaf Spring Bushings

    Leaf Spring Bushing for Jeep

  • Jeep Leaf Spring Shackle Bushings

    Leaf spring shackle eye bushing kits are able to sustain a higher load-bearing capacity and can better resist the aggressive torque-like twisting and turning forces of suspension components due to the high quality polyurethane they are made of.

  • Jeep Manual Trans Shift Lever Extensions

    Use this Manual Trans Shift Lever Extension to extend your gear shift lever when you are lifting the Jeep's body off the frame.

  • Jeep Master Bushing Kits

    This master bushing kit is ideal if you are completing a full rebuild. The kit contains urethane bushing for improved handling.

  • Jeep Shock Absorber Bushings

    When the rubber shock bushings on your Jeep wear out, replace them with high-quality polyurethane bushings.

  • Jeep Strut Rod Bushing Kits

    Worn-out strut rod bushings can negatively impact your steering response. Improve your Jeep's ability to hold its alignment with these strut rod bushing kits.

  • Jeep Sway Bar Link Kits

    These swaybar link kits do not disconnect, so they're better suited for Jeeps that spend most of their time on the road.

  • Jeep Torque Arm Bushings

    New torque arm bushings can tighten your suspension, improve ride quality, and minimize lost power.

  • Jeep Track Bar Bushings

    Your track bar keeps your Jeep from moving all over the place, but its effectiveness will be limited if the bushings are worn out. New track bar bushings can tighten the feel of your suspension and improve your ride quality and handling.

  • Jeep Universal Bushings

    If you fabricate your own parts, you need universal bushing assemblies.

  • Rack & Pinion Bushing

    These Polyurethane Rack & Pinion Bushings are a vast improvement over OEM rubber and help prevent bump steer ,shimmy, deflection or play. Keep your vehicle tracking straight whether on-road or off!

  • Suspension Strut Tower Bushing

    Suspension Strut Tower Bushing

  • Sway Bar Bushings & Brackets

    Polyurethane sway bar bushings offer less deflection while cornering and outlast factory rubber bushings by a wide margin! These bushings should be considered mandatory when upgrading the suspension on your truck, Jeep, or SUV.

  • Sway Bar Link Bushing

    Make your vehicle handle better than it did when it was new by replacing your rubber bushings with performance urethane units.

  • Transfer Case Mount Bushing

    These Polyurethane Transfer Case Mount bushings replace distorted and worn out OEM rubber bushings, which often crack, distort and eventually fail completely.