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Trailer Wiring for Jeep

Outfit your trailer with brake lights, turn signals, and running lights with one of our wiring kits.

Products in this category

  • Brake Launch Control

    Brake Launch Control

  • Brake Light Converter

    Brake Light Converter

  • Jeep Flashers

    Stock flashers tend to cycle too quickly if you have extra lighting. Upgrade your signal flasher with a unit that's designed to handle that extra load.

  • Jeep Towing Lights

    These prewired tow lights are an easy lighting solution if you tow only occasionally. They plug into the tow light plug on your Jeep and then stick onto the vehicle you're towing.

  • Jeep Trailer Light Kits

    Take the confusion out of wiring your old trailer. These trailer light kits have everything you need to complete the job right.

  • Jeep Trailer Wire Connectors

    These plug-and-play connector kits take the frustration out of wiring trailer lights.

  • Jeep Trailer Wire Dust Covers

    Prevent dirt and corrosion from causing shorts and failure of your trailer lights with these wire end caps.

  • Jeep Trailer Wire Harnesses

    Wire the trailer to your Jeep the easy way, with one of our trailer wire harnesses. Your wiring will be organized and less likely to short out.

  • Trailer Brake Control

    If your trailer is equipped with brakes you will need a controller to make them work. We have many high tech controllers to help you tow with greater control and safety.

  • Trailer Break Away Safety Systems

    These systems automatically apply your trailer brakes in the event that the trailer becomes detatched from you tow vehicle preventing run-aways.

  • Trailer Wire Circuit Breaker

    Prevent damage to your electrical system by installing a Circuit Breaker. A Circuit Breaker is basically a resettable fuse. When if your system overloads the breaker will disconnect power and after a short cool down period will restore power.

  • Trailer Wire Mounting Bracket

    These Mounting brackets provide a clean and professional look as well as a strong and convenient trailer plug mount.