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Triple Train Horn Kit

Kleinn Train Horns | Part Number: K/AHK8
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  • Kleinn Train Horns - Triple Train Horn Kit |
Part Number: K/AHK8
  • Technical Details

    • Triple train horn
    • (3) 12 volt electronic solenoids
    • 150 PSI air compressor
    • 3 gallon air tank
    • Pressure switch
    • Drain valve
    • Safety valve
    • Outlet air fitting
    • 12 feet high pressure nylon air tubing
    • Horn Button
    • 35 feet tire inflation coil hose
    • Wiring kit
    • Installation instructions
    • Mounting brackets and hardware

If you're looking for the loudest, nastiest horn there is, look no further. The Kleinn Model 630 is the ultimate train horn for your car, truck or SUV. The model 630 consists of 3 chrome plated copper trumpets with oversized bells for a deep rumbling train horn sound. The trumpets mount separately for easy installation. This kit also includes the BlastMaster Upgrade Kit to make it go even LOUDER, boosting the train horn sound output to a mind-blowing level. This Train Horn Kit from Kleinn Automotive includes everything you need for a complete train horn install on your vehicle. Kits include horns, compressor, tank, wiring, air tubing and switches. There is no mistaking the that genuine train horn sound. Kleinn Automotive manufactures the loudest and highest-quality horns on the market.

Installation instructions are in PDF format. You will need Adobe Reader to view these files.
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Number of HornsTank Volume
32.5 gallon

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