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Jeep Performance Exhaust

The Jeep exhaust and Jeep header parts will add serious power to your Jeep using chrome polished gear. Choose from top Jeep performance exhaust brands, including aFe, Hedman, JBA, Magnaflow, RBP, MBRP, Edelbrock and more.

Products in this category

  • Exhaust Bolt Kit

    Exhaust Bolt Kit

  • Exhaust Collector

    Exhaust Collector

  • Exhaust Collector Gasket

    Replacing your leaking header collector gaskets with the top quality gaskets. Many different sizes and shapes to choose from.

  • Exhaust Flange

    Exhaust flanges are an important part of any exhaust system and a bad one can turn the sweet sound of a performance exhaust into an unbearable racket. These performance flanges are designed to work, keeping your system sealed and sounding like it should.

  • Exhaust Header Collector

    Exhaust Header Collector

  • Exhaust Heat Shields

    Protect your vehicle from the heat generated by the exhaust with these tough heat shields.

  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket Set

    Over time the constant heat and vibration imposed on your exhaust manifold gaskets can wear them out. Why replace them with stock when you can get high performance gaskets designed to seal better and last longer?

  • Exhaust Mounting Kit

    Are you installing a new exhaust system in your vehicle? This exhaust mounting kit will make it easier to bolt the exhaust system securely to the vehicle.

  • Exhaust Pipe Adapter

    Use these Exhaust Pipe Adapters to help aid in the installation of your custom exhaust.

  • Exhaust Pipe Connector

    Exhaust Pipe Connector