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Jeep Performance - Computer Chips

Increase the power and performance of your Jeep with a computer chip or programmer. You can tune your engine to increase torque, improve fuel efficiency, or increase horsepower.

Products in this category

  • Jeep Computer Chips

    You can get instant power gains and fuel economy from your Jeep by plugging a performance chip into your factor computer.

  • Jeep Computer Programmers

    Unlock the hidden horsepower of your Jeep with a computer programmer. Once you install the tuner and set your custom ECU parameters, you decide which tune you want: towing performance, fuel economy, or power.

  • Jeep Electronic Multi Purpose Gauges

    If you are short on space or don't like clutter, these all-in-one, multipurpose electric gauges are for you.

  • Jeep Performance Modules

    Get more power from your Jeep with a performance module. These modules plug into your stock computer and remain there. You can get the module by itself or purchase it as part of a package that includes a monitor. Most modules allow you to switch among various power levels while you are driving.

  • Jeep Speedometer Calibrators

    You'll need to calibrate your speedometer if you've changed your rear gearing or installed larger tires. These calibrators do the work for you, by giving you access to your Jeep's ECU settings.

  • Tuner & Multi Gauge Accesories

    All the Add ons, Cables, sensor, sending units for your tuner or multi gauge.