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Jeep OEM Replacement Axle Parts

Some Jeep drivetrain components can be hard to find, especially if you're looking for a factory replacement. Our stock includes most hard-to-find OEM parts, whether you're working on a late model or classic Jeep.

Products in this category

  • Axle Hub and Brake Drum Kit

    Axle Hub and Brake Drum Kit

  • Axle Hub Retaining Spring

    Axle hub retaining spring.

  • Axle Shaft Guides

    Replacement axle shaft guides.

  • Axle Shims

    Dana 44 axle shims

  • Jeep Axle Breathers

    The axle breather is designed to be installed in the axle breather vent hose and allow hot gasses to vent when needed but seal out water that will damage your differential

  • Jeep Axle Differential Races

    The race is also known as the bearing cup which is the special hardened surface in which a bearing or cone rides on to prevent wear of the bearing.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuator Fork Inserts

    This simple nylon insert slips over the axle disconnect actuator fork and provides a low friction surface for the shift collar to run on as well as take up the clearance in the system allowing positive engagement..

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuator Fork Snap Rings

    This snap ring retains the axle disconnect shift fork to the vacuum actuator to allow it to move the shift fork engaging the 4 wheel drive.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuator Forks

    The axle disconnect actuator fork slider the axle collar over the shafts to lock them together. Over time these shift forks wear and no longer push toe fork properly allowing the shift collar not to properly engage the shafts.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuator Housing Cover Gaskets

    This gasket seals the axle disconnect actuator cover to the axle housing preventing leaks and properly space the actuator from the slider preventing the fork from bottoming out in the slider.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuator Retaining Clips

    This simple clip positively locks the axle disconnect vacuum actuator in to the actuator housing.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Actuators

    This vacuum pod activates your front axle disconnect. This vacuum pod tends to dry out and crack the rubber diaphragm causing the actuator not to activate your 4 wheel drive when you really need it the most.

  • Jeep Axle Disconnect Slide Collars

    Axle Shaft Bearing Collar

  • Jeep Axle Dust Shields

    These simple slingers go on the outer stub axle before the seals and prevent a majority of debris from even reaching the seals.

  • Jeep Axle Hub Assemblies

    Axle Hub Assembly

  • Jeep Axle Hub Drive Keys

    On a two piece axle shaft this key not only aligns the flange to the axle but drives the flange as well. Don’t take chances reusing that old key that plays such an important role in your vehicles drivetrain.

  • Jeep Axle Hub Flanges

    This is the outer end of a two piece axle shaft that is driven by the shaft and mounts the wheel and brake drum.

  • Jeep Axle Nuts

    Many older axles use a two piece axle shaft with a bolt on axle flange. These axles require a special nut that is double thick to handle the high torque settings to properly secure the axle flange.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Bearing Kits

    The axle shaft bearing kit will include the proper bearing, seal and axle retainer if applicable to replace your high mile axle shaft bearings.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Bearing Retainers

    These specialized bearing retainer plates secure your axle shaft in the axle housing.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Bearings

    This is the bearing that rides on the axle shaft and supports the weight of the vehicle. Don’t take chances with inferior dime store bearings on such a critical component.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Bushings

    On your axle disconnect equipped axle there is a bushing to keep the axles aligned in the disconnect assembly. When this bushing wears out you may have trouble getting the axles to engage each other.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Lock Rings

    Axle Shaft Lock Ring

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Races

    These hard to find axle bearing races are available to help you keep your high mile vehicle going down the road safely and smoothly.

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Retainers

    Axle Shaft Retainer

  • Jeep Axle Shaft Tube Seals

    Our selection of axle shaft tube seals includes the industry's top brand names. These tube seals keep dirt and debris away from your axle tubes, thus preventing damage to your inner axle seals.

  • Jeep Axle Spacers

    On many aftermarket one piece axle kits they require an axle spacer to properly load the axle bearing. This spacer is many times ruined or lost when changing your axle bearings.

  • Jeep Cross Shaft Locking Bolts

    This specialty bolt retains the differential cross shaft in to the differential carrier assembly. this bolt is designed for differentials that use C-Clips to retain the axles and require removal of the cross shaft for axle shaft removal.

  • Jeep Differential Bearing Kits

    These are the bearings that go on the sides of the differential carrier and give it a friction free surface to run on.

  • Jeep Differential Bearings

    Substitute your old differential carrier when a rebuild is not necessary with one of our heavy-duty differential carrier bearing kits.

  • Jeep Differential Cases

    Replace your worn-out stock case or build a bulletproof third member with these heavy-duty differential cases. Our selection includes lightweight aluminum cases or cases made of nodular iron.

  • Jeep Differential Cover Bolts

    Stop skewering the hardware stores for the right length of bolt to properly secure your factory differential cover only to be disappointed. These bolts will be the right ones the first time.

  • Jeep Differential Cross Pins

    Differential Cross Pin for Jeeps

  • Jeep Differential Disc Kits

    These kits are designed to replace the clutches in your OEM limited slip differential restoring it to like new operation inproving your vehicles off-road capability.

  • Jeep Differential Drain Plugs

    These simple plugs can be used as a filler plug and drain plug for your axle housing to aid in the changing of differential oil.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Bearing Spacers

    Here you will find the shims to properly set the pinion drag on your pinion bearings to prevent your bearings from burning up

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Bearings

    Looking for a single pinion bearing for your differential project we have these bearing individually so you do not have to buy a complete installation kit.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Nut Washers

    The pinion nut washer prevents the pinion nut from galling up your expensive pinion nut and giving improper pinion nut torque readings during assembly.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Races

    This is the pinion bearing race that is pressed into the axle housing o provide the pinion bearing a smooth hardened surface to ride on.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Seals

    Prevent pinion leaks by using these OEM quality pinion seas from the top manufactures in the industry for the peace of mind that you did the job right.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Shaft Nuts

    A new pinion nut is cheap insurance against your old pinion nut backing off over time and risk the possibility of it damaging your expensive differential components.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion Shims

    Make sure you have solid contact between the ring and the pinion with these differential pinon shims.

  • Jeep Differential Pinion/Side Bearing Spacers

    These shims are available to help you properly set the back lash on your ring and pinion for optimum gear contact patterns.

  • Jeep Differential Ring Gear Bolts

    The ring gear carries the load of your vehicle and the bolts that retain it to the carrier are designed to be used one time only no more. These replacement ring gear bolts will help give you the peace of mind that you did the job correctly the first time.

  • Jeep Differential Side Bearing Spacers

    These shims are available to help you properly set the back lash on your ring and pinion for optimum gear contact patterns.

  • Jeep Differential Thrust Washers

    These special washers go between your spider gears and differential case and protect the soft cast iron carrier surfaces from being galled up by the hard spider gears.

  • Jeep Drive Shaft Carrier Bearings

    The drive shaft center support bearing supports your two piece driveshaft. Upgrade your factory bearing to one of these heavy duty units for greater longevity between replacements.

  • Jeep Pinion Oil Slinger s

    This metal oil slinger goes between the outer pinion bearing and the pinion seal preventing excess gear oil from flooding the pinion seal reducing the possibility of pinion seal leaks.

  • Jeep Ring and Pinion bearing Kits

    These kits include the necessary small parts and bearings to help aide you in the installation of your ring and pinion.

  • Jeep Ring and Pinion Bolt Sets

    Don’t take chances using the improper bolts on your differential by buying cheep dime store bolts when the correct bolts are available at a fraction of the price.

  • Jeep Spider Gear Kits

    Tighten up that clunking differential with these spider gear kits from these leading manufactures.

  • Jeep Spindle Bearings

    The inner spindle is the small bearing inside the spindle that the outer axle or stub axle rides on to keep it centered on the locking hub to prevent misalignment and problematic hub actuation.

  • Jeep Spindle Bushings

    Many early model 4 wheel drive vehicles did not use a bearing inside the spindle for the stub axle to ride on, instead they used a very hard to find bronze bushing that has been remade by these top vendors to keep your classic on the road.

  • Jeep Spindle Nut And Washer Kits

    Stop fighting with those beat up old spindle nuts and dealing with wheel bearings that keep backing off when you can replace them with these OEM quality spindle nuts and never deal with them again.

  • Jeep Spindle Nut Washers

    The Spindle Nut Washer gives the spindle nuts a solid platform to seat against and stops the bearings spinning motion from trying to turn the nuts and loosening them up by locking to the spindle.

  • Jeep Spindle Nuts

    Replace your beat up spindle nuts with these new units to make sure your wheel bearings get adjusted correctly and stay that way.

  • Jeep Spindle Thrust Washers

    This washer goes between the outer axle shaft and the spindle and prevents the axle from galling up the back side of your spindles reducing friction and maintaining front axle end play.

  • Jeep Steering King Pin Bearing Caps

    This component locates the steering knuckle to the bearing in the housing end forging and keeps the knuckle centered.

  • Jeep Wheel Bearing Dust Caps

    These wheel bearing nut caps prevent water and road debris from corroding the axle nut preventing removal of the nut for servicing.

  • Jeep Wheel Bearing Kits

    These hard to find wheel bearing kits will help to keep your high mile vehicle going down the road.

  • Jeep Wheel Bearing Lock Washers

    This special washer is designed to lock to the pin of your inner spindle nut locking it to nt spindle to prevent backing off of wheel bearings settings.

  • Jeep Wheel Studs

    Stop driving around with those broker wheel studs taking chances with your safety. These replacement wheel studs are a great way to make sure your wheels are properly fastened to your vehicle.

  • Spindle Nut Retainer

    Spindle Nut Retainer

  • Spindles


  • Wheel Bearing Attaching Bolts

    Attaches the wheel hub bearing to the axle knuckle.