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Dana 35 4.10 Gear Set

Alloy USA | Part Number: ALYD35410
  • Alloy USA Part D35410 - Dana 35 4.10 Gear Set - 4 Wheel Drive
Part Number: ALYD35410
  • Technical Details

    • Dana 35 4.10 Gear Set
    • High Quality 8620 Forgings
    • Machined On Precision Gleason Machines
    • Heat Treated
    • For Use On 3.55 Up Carrier

These affordable high strength gears from Alloy USA come in all popular sizes the satisfy every modified vehicles gearing needs. Oversize tires require a higher ratio ring and pinion to restore the lost power caused by the larger tires. All Alloy USA gears are forged from high quality 8640 steel and machined on precision Gleason Machines for accuracy and easy set up.

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