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Aluminum Conversion Radiator

Be Cool | Part Number: BEC61185
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  • Be Cool - Aluminum Conversion Radiator - Fits 1991 to 1999 XJ Cherokee -
Part Number: BEC61185
  • Technical Details

    • Fits 1991 to 1999 XJ Cherokee
    • Polished finish
    • Fits manual transmissions
    • With small block Chevy conversion
    • 36"W x 12"H

Designed for use with a 6 or 8 cylinder engine with a manual transmission, this direct bolt-in aluminum conversion radiator boasts a 20-40 degree temperature drop over conventional cooper/brass radiators. Its unique cross flow design consists of two 1-core rows which offer better flow and more cooling capacity than most heavy-duty 4-core radiators. This radiator is specifically designed for high horsepower motors, trailer towing, back-country rock crawling and for normal/medium powered stock vehicles working in extremely high temperature conditions. This radiator is also great if you're just looking for more efficient cooling. Be Cool radiators have a greater life cycle than the original equipment while weighing 40% less. All tanks and brackets are hand built with .080" wall thickness alloy and are fully pressure tested. All units come with cast-filler necks, petcocks and fittings. Be Cool radiators are compatible with all major brands of anti-freeze and are handcrafted in the USA.

Inlet PositionNumber of CoresOutlet SideTransmission CoolerType
Top PassengerTwoDriverNo Transmission CoolerConversion

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